A few kilometers south of Kakuma town, in Turkana County, is a village of approximately 700 households of largely pastoralist community members. Pokotom village members predominantly rely on meat, blood, milk among other animal protein as their source of nutrition. 

To improve food security and resilience, AAH-I facilitated the construction of farm infrastructure to encourage vegetable farming. From 2017 there has been a shift towards consuming of vegetables that are now easily produced in the area, majority of which gets sold in nearby markets. The immediate impact is a diversified diet with most vulnerable populations such as children under 5 taking up more nutrients. 

Six shallow wells are currently being utilized for crop production with over 400 farmers benefiting from AAH-I activities that focused on training on modern climate smart technologies, farm inputs distribution, access to markets and farm management. During the first harvest season months of November 2017 to January 2018, the farmer groups have been able to realize incomes of over Kshs 350,000 from 5 acres of land. Approximately 40% of the farm produce is being utilized for household consumption thereby boosting diets and ensuring healthy nutrition is maintained. 

The farmers are optimistic that subsequent farming periods will realize more production as they become more efficient. But water still remains a challenge.

To meet this challenge, we are asking for your donation to build a shallow well in Pokotom. The cost of building one shallow well is KES. 535,000, be broken-down as follows:

  • Bush clearing (per acre) – KES. 15,000
  • Digging, culverts lowering and Protection – KES. 450,000
  • Jacking system (pipes, man hole cover, rubbers) – KES. 25,000
  • Money maker with pipes /spare parts (three, at KES. 15,000 each) – KES. 45,000

Other Specifications: The ideal well size is dependent on the productivity/water recharge level of the aquiver. The Pokotom shallow well will yield lots of water and will have 14 culverts (6 M) for the 1-acre land size.

Planned crop production: High-value vegetables and fruits will be grown to meet the demand. Vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, amaranth, jew mallow, kale, eggplant, okra, cowpeas, water melon, pumpkin and green grams will be grown. There will also be demonstration plots set up for ground nuts, carrots, sugar cane, black night shade and onions.

Account Name: Action Africa Help International
BankStandard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited
Branch: Yaya Center Branch
Account Number: 87080-96754-800
Currency: USD

We are happy to collect your donations. Email donations@actionafricahelp.org to let us know from where and when we can pick the package.

All contributions will be graciously acknowledged.