Support Congolese Refugee Families with Clean water, Toilets and Better Shelter

Support Congolese Refugee Families with Clean water, Toilets and Better Shelter


Support Congolese Refugee Families with Clean water, Toilets and Better Shelter


More than 80,000 people from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have fled violence in Ituri region across Lake Albert and into Uganda’s Kikuube District. UNHCR has identified this route as the most active corridor with 3,272 persons arriving in June 2019 alone. AAH-I is managing the Kagoma Reception Centre within the Kyangwali refugee settlement to deal with the new arrivals. This steady influx of refugees is placing enormous pressure on the existing facilities that provide the most basic services that families need for their survival – clean water, toilets, food and shelter. Kagoma currently houses close to 4,000 refugees but was only built to accommodate 2,500 people.


The facilities at the refugee settlement cannot cope and severe shortages of clean and safe water, food and shelter is a real challenge. Children make up the majority (about 60%) of the new arrivals. Child-friendly spaces need to be urgently put up to provide them with psychological and protective support. Lack of adequate sanitation facilities is a step away to refugees contracting water-borne diseases.


AAH-I and its partners are doing everything they can to ensure families are relocated to start a new life in the settlements. We are helping distribute emergency items provided by UNHCR to help families construct their shelters and prepare meals. Other supplies include detergents, sanitary towels, soap and kitchen utensils. Additionally, AAH-I is working to provide child-friendly facilities where children play and are protected, as well as putting in place mechanisms for protecting other vulnerable groups from violence and other risks.

What your support will help us do

Your donations will go into immediate needs to improve the living conditions of refugees in the Kyangwali settlement. Here is what we urgently need to do:

  • Construct temporary communal shelters
  • Procure core relief supplies (shelter material, kitchen items, blankets, hygiene supplies etc) for families and other vulnerable individuals
  • Construct communal latrines with bath shelters
  • Conduct educational sessions and produce materials on hygiene promotion
  • Construct two water wells
  • Procure water storage containers
  • Install hand washing facilities
  • Construct child-friendly spaces for children and hire staff

The asking package

  • $20 (Could help buy several water storage containers)
  • $30 (Could support 1 hygiene education session)
  • $50 (Could support a core supplies’ kit for a family)
  • $100 (Could support 1 child-friendly space for children)