Support Pokotom Village Grow Nutritious Vegetables

Support Pokotom Village Grow Nutritious Vegetables


Support Pokotom Village Grow Nutritious Vegetables


A few kilometers south of Kakuma town, in Turkana County, Kenya is Pokotom village, which has about 700 pastoralist families who rely predominantly on a protein-rich diet of meat, blood, and milk. AAH-I has been supporting 400 farmers in Pokotom to grow a variety of nutritious vegetables on a 5-acre piece of land. This is helping promote healthier diets, fight malnutrition among children and improve the income of families. The initiative has provided the farmers with water to irrigate their farms, seeds, farming tools and techniques.


Poor nutrition is a hallmark of pastoralists’ family diets and malnutrition is rampant in children leading to stunted growth and poor brain development. This animal-keeping community lacks the requisite farming knowledge to grow nutritious vegetables that can help improve their health. Pokotom is generally very dry due to poor rainfall patterns in Turkana County and any successful farming has to rely on irrigation. Families lack the finances to buy the necessary seeds and farming equipment. This results in high malnutrition rates and ongoing poverty.


To improve nutrition and income of families in Pokotom, AAH-I aims to expand the uptake of vegetable farming to all 700 households by putting more land under cultivation. AAH-I has already dug six shallow wells but we need to put more farms under irrigation and to provide equipment, training and farm tools and supplies. Through this, AAH-I will assist the community to scale the already successful first phase to help improve the consumption of a healthier diet and the income of households through vegetable sales.

What your support will help us do

Your donations will support us construct more wells to irrigate the vegetable farms and to provide tools, seeds and education.

$25 Buys seeds and seedlings for 1 family

$50 Provides a training session for 1 farmer

$100 Provides an irrigation kit for 1 family

$200 Buys piping for 1 shallow well