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The power in my hands

Donatila’s entire family of six, four siblings and their parents were brutally wiped out by bandits forcing her to flee from her native country of Burundi to the Kakuma Refugee Reception Centre, Kenya in 2016. After a month of stay at the Centre, she was re-settled to Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement where she currently lives. ‘’In […]

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The Enterprising “Mama Sarah”

“I was a women’s group representative helping women save money through table banking. Initially, I would spend all my money buying my family clothes and food. But when UNHCR partnered with AAHI for this women’s project and noticed I was very active in mobilizing the women. I was hired as a community mobilizer. We were […]

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Skilling the Youth in Technology

Skilling the Youth Program – ICDL Skilling the Youth Program is an ICT program that is aimed at introducing computer knowledge to the less privileged youths in our community as well as refugees aged between 12 to 19 years of age. The main course offered in the facility is International Computer Driving License (ICDL) which […]

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A Dream Come True

Within Lopur Ward, communities are enjoying improved water access that has resulted in improved livelihoods and well-being. With the construction of Kangatesiroe 50,000 cubic meter earth pan in Pelekech sub-location, access to water has been enhanced for both the community members and their livestock.  The earth pan can serve up to 20,000 people and approximately […]