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 Youth groups trained on drama

AAH South Sudan Capacity Building for Post Conflict Reintegration (CAPOR) project completed a five-day training for the youth groups in Otogo Payam on puppetry and drama acting skills. CAPOR is aimed at changing attitudes, especially of the youth in the Equtoria region of South Sudan through the use of creative media.

This training was held in Ombasi boma Otogo payam in September with  24 participants from Logo, Goja, Otogo/Morsak and Ombasi boma. It focused on puppet construction, drama acting skill, script writing and puppets manipulation. After the training the group was able to perform both live drama and puppetry shows for the community to showcase their talent in drama acting and puppetry.



The group was very pleased with the knowledge and skills gained from the training. Each of the members expressed a deep desire of establishing a drama and puppetry group in the three bomas in Otogo payam.

The participants' leader from Goja said: “We are very pleased with the knowledge and skills attained in this training and we will establish a drama and puppetry group in Goja within two weeks so that we can create awareness in the community about the different challenges our community faces." He added that they would be role models in Goja and actively share the ideas with other people.



This training was intended to provide skill and knowledge for the youth group so that they become better actors both at community level and beyond and also act as source of income for them. It also helped to provide a different method of community awareness/education using exciting plays rather than the traditional method of house-to-house, radio, and meeting.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.