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AAH Zambia to empower SGBV survivors 




AAH Zambia in collaboration with International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will be carrying out poultry and gardening project to enable Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) survivors in Makeni Transit Centre, Zambia to improve their quality of life. In the first segment of the project, 20 SGBV survivors will be enrolled in the business skills training. The training will commence in August 2015.



The project aims to provide support beyond the counseling of survivors to equipping them with business skills and knowledge in poultry and gardening. At the tail end of the training, the project will roll out independent astute business women. The women will also be counseled on dispute resolution including court settlement; a course they have shied away from due to lack of money.



The training will provide an avenue to affected refugee SGBV survivors to recover from the traumatic experiences by moving them from harm’s way into financial freedom.


Proceeds from the first sale of vegetables and chicken will be ploughed back into the project and will later be used to set up a revolving kitty that will also benefit other refugees

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.