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Generous elder supports school


When Ole Sere Primary school started, it had only 20 students who took their lessons under trees. But the devastating 1997 El Niño rains led to massive flooding of the area, sweeping with them the schooling dreams of many children. 


But not all was lost because of the heroic act of one man - Joseph Ole Soit, 56,  a local community elder. He gave a portion of his land where the school comprising of a nursery and lower primary found a home for the next one year. Even though some of the children had to walk for almost 10 kilometres to reach the school, it was better than not going to school at all.
The school has since moved out of Mzee Soit's home and is back to its original site thanks to the efforts of the local community with support from AAH-I and the government. In 2011, AAH Kenya built a classroom for Olesere Primary School. The institution has also partnered with other well-wishers and has constructed more classrooms and dormitories for the learners. Currently, the school has 545 pupils and 50 of them boarders. This is a far-cry from the tree school that started 18 years ago.


Duncan Soit, 15, is currently preparing to sit for his final examination at Ole Sere. “I joined the school because it is the only one in the area and nearest to my home. I believe I will do well and make my parents and teachers proud,” he says.

The school’s deputy head teacher Samson Sigei is grateful for AAH-I for the support that made the school a reality. He also appreciates Mzee Soit for his selfless leadership as the school’s chairman, “Mzee helps the school, expecting nothing in return,” says Sigei.



Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.