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AAH Zambia awareness campaigns bearing fruits


Falling pregnant at a tender age is trouble but becoming expectant as a mentally challenged can be unfathomable pain.


However, Linden Chanda, 21, was lucky to have an aunt who immediately sought the services of AAH Zambia to save the life of a relative, who had no idea of what had happened to her.


Linden’s aunt Judith Chikosa says she discovered Chanda was four months pregnant in September 2014. “I knew the condition would put her life in danger because not only is she mentally retarded but looks small for her age,” Chikosa adds.


Chikosa said her niece’s mental condition made it difficult to taken care of and look after a baby. So it was disturbing that someone had taken advantage of her condition, impregnated her and fled.


”Being a beneficiary of the awareness campaigns on the importance of early antenatal care, I hastened to register Linden for ante-natal care. The community action group members counselled me on how to take care of Chanda during pregnancy, taking her for ante-natal care,” she explains. She encouraged Chanda to take the supplementary drugs. Since Chanda was incapable of understanding anything she was to deliver at Kawambwa District Hospital,” She explained.


Chikosa followed and her nice delivered a girl successfully, through a lower caesarean section. The baby is now three months.



“I am very grateful to AAH Zambia for their special advice, counselling and precautions taken by medics at the clinic and the hospital,” she added. 

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.