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Couple adopts family planning

 ‘’My children or I could have died. I kept on getting children’’, says Doreen Chola, remembering years when she was not on family planning.


Chola who hails from Kawambwa area had no time to contribute economically to her family’s wellbeing because she could either be breastfeeding or sick due to her body not having enough rest in between pregnancies.“I had three of my eight children a year apart from each other. This has an adverse  effect on my health as well as children’s because I knew nothing about how to space my children,” she added.


Chola said through the intervention of AAH Zambia in last year she and her husband learnt about the importance of spacing children using modern family planning methods.


“Through the continued counselling sessions we got from the Community Action Group members of AAH  Zambia, we finally decided to stop having children in October 2014 and since then, “ she says, adding  I am able to help my husband in  our small farm and provide all the basic needs for our children. “ My health has also improved tremendously,” she says with a smile.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.