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Woman supporting ten siblings

Nasra Mustafa Hussein, 25, is an Ethiopian Refugee living in Hero-awr, Hargeisa in Somaliland. She came from Gondar Ambagorgi region of Ethiopia in 2007 with her family. Nasra’s mother who was the sole bread winner is bedridden and partially paralysed due to sickness while her father is blind.


As the first-born of the family, she took over the responsibility of fending for her parents and 10 siblings. Nasra who attended three-day training on business development and self-reliance of the refugee community offered by AAH Somalia.


Nasra, being among the refugees recognised by UNHCR, benefited from the subsistence allowances and other essential services given by the organisation. She was introduced to AAH Somalia by a protection officer based at UNHCR.


“Everyone needs a decent life and independence. I cannot continue relying on hand outs throughout my life,” she says.


She is glad to have attended the training. She is a beautician; there is a good market for her to capitalise on in Hargeisa. “This training has offered me the opportunity to unlock my understanding of self-reliance and targeted investment which will give returns on capital invested,” she says.


Nasra says the skills she has been equipped with will enable her to invest wisely and improve in book-keeping. “I will save some money that will enable me have a sense of dignity and at least feel that I can also be a proud owner of a business just like my peers.”


Currently, she works part-time at a friend’s salon and makes about of USD 225 monthly.

Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.