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Woman improves her business after training

Mali Mohamed, 24, is a refugee from Eritrea and has been living in Hargeisa. She is a single mother of one and lives in Adna Hospital area. She has been running her own business since 2012 after receiving seed capital of USD 900 from UNHCR.


Mali operates a hair dressing shop and has been paying her bills from the proceeds of the business. She is able to cater her house rent, food and other expenses, including the rent of the premise where she operates her business. AAH Somalia has trained her on business management and business plan development.


The three-day training offered by AAH Somalia in Hargeisa in 2014 helped her understand book-keeping.  “Before the training, I used to business disorderly without calculating my profits and expenses which  sometimes made me run into losses,” she says. She adds: “Now I can do that with a lot of ease. I can easily manage my business through calculation of the profits, rate of restocking, saving and even diversify my business once it grows.”


Mali says what she learnt has increased her zeal to expand the business.


“Currently after deducting all the expenses, I remain with USD 100 and this is not enough for me to expand my business and take care of my child. I believe with support of some capital, I will enhance my business,” she says.


Inspiring story ahead of the World Refugee day.