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  • Securing community livelihoods through increased food and livestock production
  • Growing a portfolio of high-quality health research projects and testing innovations
  • Working with communities and other partners to deliver high-quality interventions in health, water, education and WASH.
  • Far-reaching experience in managing humanitarian operations, logistics and multi-sectoral refugee programmes
  • Supporting communities to become active participants in governance and development processes

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From ruins we riseFrom ruins we rise

I arrived at Yida Airstrip shortly after mid-day. Immediately, I meet my hosts Ms Eugenie Uwamahoro, AAH South Sudan Area Coordinator for Unity State and Mr. Moriba Bandawuba, AAH South Sudan LogisticsManagerwaiting for me at the airstrip. I arrive wearing my staff ID for easier identification. As soon as we touch down, Mr.Bandawuba moves towards me and takes up my luggage.


Yida Transit CentreYida Transit Centre: A hub of opportunities 

*Kuku and *Tiya (not their real names) have been best friends for a long time. Not even war could come between their friendships. Driven out of their homes in the Nuba Mountains South Kordofan, Sudan by civil unrest and the threat of constant aerial bombings with no guarantee of safety, the two friends fled separately and started their desperate journey out of harm’s way. 


subo secondaryAAH School Construction Project

School is enjoyable once more for Form 3 students, Yasin and Berlin as they don’t have to endure anymore the discomfort of a hot congested tent to take their lesson. They are the beneficiaries of a new classroom recently put up at the Soba Secondary School in AjuongThok by AAH South Sudan through the support of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


Cultural Gala; a unifying factorCultural Gala; a unifying factor

AAH South Sudan through its Capacity Building for Post Conflict Reintegration (CAPOR) project has been implementing a peace-building initiative aimed at supporting peaceful coexistence and reintegration among communities in South Sudan using both main stream and alternative forms of media.

Recently, the project organised a classic fest at the Yei Freedom Square, under the theme ‘Different tribes one culture for peace and unity.’


Children at Makeni Transit Centre receive a treatChildren at Makeni Transit Centre receive a treat

Christmas came early for children at the Makeni Transit Centre thanks to a visit by the Kings University Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church children’s department. The visit was part of a life skills training offered by the church during the school holidays. The vocational bible training serves as an avenue through which values and virtues are instilled to the children with an aim of transforming their world view and molding them into better members of society.