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  • Securing community livelihoods through increased food and livestock production
  • Growing a portfolio of high-quality health research projects and testing innovations
  • Working with communities and other partners to deliver high-quality interventions in health, water, education and WASH.
  • Far-reaching experience in managing humanitarian operations, logistics and multi-sectoral refugee programmes
  • Supporting communities to become active participants in governance and development processes

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Fuel alternative saves time, money and environment

Population growth in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Western Uganda, has intensified pressure on the local environment and demand for natural resources, challenging Action Africa Help Uganda to provide an eco-friendly alternative to firewood.



Child protection services support foster parents and seek justice

Three-year-old Bahati* survived death after she was abducted then later abandoned in a pit latrine. AAH Uganda community services placed Bahati under foster care with Zawadi* to care for her and help seek justice with AAH support.



New hope for 12-year old Kunihira* living with HIV

“When I arrived in Kyangwali from the transit centre in Bundigugyo, I was helpless and had no hope for life. I thought I was dying any day since I already knew I was infected with HIV and TB [Tuberculosis] at an early age. But then the community outreach by AAH gave me new hope.”



The Fight against Child Abuse

What turmoil goes through a child’s mind when they wake up in the morning only to find their only hope gone? How do they face an uncertain and ruthless world without the guiding hand of the only person they have known from birth – their mother? And how much worse does it get when that child is a refugee?



Kyangwali girl scouts pose with the District Scouts Commissioner after evening inspection at Duhaga camp site, HoimaEducation not just books; students learn practical survival skills

Both the girl and boy scout groups from Kyangwali refugee settlement took out top honours in this year’s Hoima District competition winning the right to represent the district at the 2014 Ugandan national scouting jamboree in Kampala.

The annual competition pits teams of young people against each other to find who can best demonstrate the survival skills taught at school throughout the year.